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La Belle de mai d'Edouard Brasey

Édouard Brasey

La Belle de mai

Many men try to be in the good grace’s of the beautiful Rose, she who has been nicknamed the « May Beauty ». However, only one will succeed in capturing her heart : Edgar Loiseleur de Landwic, 25 years her senior, a career soldier and a hero of the Great War. Despite opposition from the young woman’s family, they decide to wed. Jean-Louis, Edgar’s son from a previous marriage, attends the ceremony but displays nothing but hatred and anger towards his step-mother who is barely older than he is and definitely too beautiful for his father. Edgar and Rose’s happiness is short-lived : he dies in a car accident while she gives birth to their daughter Mélisande. Against Edgar’s wishes and best intentions, Jean-Louis is his sole heir.

With no money to her name, Rose abandons opens a store near the port of Joliette in Marseille. Mélisande grows up without knowing anything about her father ; Rose never speaks of him. Soon, the war comes and brings Jean-Louis back with it. He is a collaborationist and blackmails Rose. Mélisande wonders what’s going on. Who is this man making alarming threats ? And why does her mother closer herself off in silence ?

Contrariété d'un gaucher de Martine Thorre-gachet

Martine Thorre-Gachet

Contrariété d’un gaucher

A young woman’s descent into hell as she is caught in the vice of a marriage whose appearance is deceiving. Scorned love, lies, pressure… A behind-closed-doors family affair where manipulation reigns supreme…
Aged 25, Anna falls madly in love with Jésus, a brilliant academic recently wheelchair-bound following an accident. For both of them it’s love at first sight, and they get married only a few months later… The young woman is committed, despite the reservations of her family and friends. She believes that anything is possible, including making the most of her love despite her daily struggles.
Fifteen years later, Jésus has become a tyrant and authoritarian, particularly with Sam, their young 8-year-old son. Anna also suffers from the presence of her invasive mother-in-law, who further disrupts the balance of their relationship.
Her encounter with Gabrielle, a seductive bookseller, gives her the strength she needs to leave Jésus and take Sam with her. But Jésus is not going to make things easy for her. Quite the contrary.

Toutes les dernières fois de Carole Duplessy-Rousée

Carole Duplessy-Rousée

Toutes les dernières fois

For the Cheylard family, nothing is stronger than a blood relation. In Ruoms (Ardèche méridionale), the construction and renovation company built by Magdalena and Damian now includes their three sons – César, Martin and Bastian – and their youngest, Elena, a young independent and untamable woman. Everyone lives independently at the family residence but never very far from the others.

In the hot summer, just as the peach harvest begins, the arrival of a spanish seasonal worker disrupts the family’s peaceful existence. He looks remarkably like Bastian, which makes everyone question what is going on. Who is this mysterious stranger and why did he really come to Ruom ? With the uncertainty eating away at him, Bastian asks his mother questions about his birth but she doesn’t tell him anything. Magdalena realizes that she won’t be able to continue to keep the secret that she’s been holding onto for 42 years. Bastian travels to Spain with his sister in an attempt to get some answers.

le psy du chat perché de 2Freds

Les 2Freds

Le Psy du chat perché

Clara, 38, is a modern woman, satisfied with her life. She has a thriving career, dates regularly, has good friends and a cat. But the day when the guy she’s dating cancels their first vacation together, she makes a decision that will changer her life, for better and… for what’s left of it : she wants a child on her own, through IVF. Two years later, with the support of her faithful friends and her sister, Clara is faced with the reality of being a single parent and everything that comes with it : the joys and the complications. Between professional and personal obligations, a strict schedule and daily obstacles, Clara does the best she can to manage her new life. While maternal burn-out lies in wait and she risks being passed over for an expected promotion at work because of an opportunistic co-worker, she meets a mysterious Swede who is a sexy as hell dog trainer. But here’s the thing – Clara is 40, has an impossibly busy schedule, a 13-month-old baby and an incontinent cat ! Is it possible to be any more attractive ?

Comme la foudre de Liam Mcallister

Liam McAllister

Comme la foudre

Everything is going well for the Walters, they have a beautiful apartment in Marylebone, a chic part of London, and they are thriving professionally. While Megan manages the family fortune inherited from her parents, Stephan runs Black Virgin, a company on the cutting edge of genetic research that is partly financed by the British government. The financial stakes are enormous.

Things take a dramatic turn when Stephan is forced to team up with an American group that will have negative ramifications. The Walters become divided because of legitimate mistrust and paranoid suspicions. Megan, pregnant with a second child, distances herself from Stephan. Stephan’s life is thrown into upheaval with the reappearance of Livia, a flame from when he was younger, who was brought in by the American group to head communications for Black Virgin. They are surrounded by more and more deaths. Megan herself feels threatened. Who is really pulling the strings ? Does Megan really know the man she shares her life with ?

In this game of chess, neither Megan nor Stephan want to be simple pawns, at the risk of flirting with the spark that risks destroying their happiness…